Buy the ‘City of Poems’ collection

As part of the Salisbury Literary Festival, Poetika hosted an event celebrating the poetry of Salisbury, old and new. Taking place in the Boston Tea Party from 5pm on Sunday 29th October, we presented a number of classical pieces, ranging from Ben Johnson, William Wordsworth, through Edward Slow (The Moonrakers) and David Gascoyne, to Joan Barton and Matthew Sweeney, all ably performed by our two pocket actors, Lizzie Garland and Mike Rogers.

In the second half David King and John Bruce read poems about the city contributed by Poetika members and other local people. We produced a booklet of these poems for the event and if you missed getting one it’s available to purchase online below. It will also be available at selected outlets and at other Poetika events.

These are the poems it contains:

  • Salisbury A Poem by Anna Maycock-Frame
  • A Taste of Freedom by Robin Gemmill
  • Now You See It, Now You Don’t by Mike Rogers
  • Smallsbury by Mike Rogers
  • View of a Cathedral by Ruth Marden
  • Pepys in Wiltshire by Ruth Marden
  • In The Footsteps Of George Herbert by Jayne Woodhouse
  • Meadows of Gold by Edwin Hopper
  • The Midnight Gravel Train by Edwin Hopper
  • Salisbury Love Song by Peter Iveson
  • The Quarter Bells of Salisbury Cathedral by Vic Salt
  • Model Making by Ria Rylatt-Chandaman
  • The Guardian by Derek Gibbens
  • Salisbury Summertime by Ian Chorlton
  • Off Endless Street by Jim Read
  • Amesbury Story by Susie Gibson

The cover price is £2.95 which represents 95p printing costs plus a £2 donation to our favourite Salisbury charity – Childrens Chance – who fund extracurricular activities for school children in the area who would otherwise loose out.

Please click below to purchase by mail order – you will be charged £3.95 to include £1 P&P.

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If you’d rather not use mail order, City of Poems will also be available at Poetika events and certain retail outlets (tba).