An excerpt from ‘Her One Good Hand’

These two nurses are clearly scared of me. Jesus I have fucked up here. I quickly explain who I am and they ask some very pointed questions to check the facts. Yes, I knew Nicky the play leader- she took me out to a video game shop to select new games for the ward one time. Yes, that other lady was still working here. And Jan was my consultant. But I could have just read that name on her door on my way in. Christ what to do? I show them my scars and talk in detail about the treatment and procedures I endured and they get it. They can now see that I am not a threat, just a fucking plonker who thought it would be a good idea to sneak into a children’s ward in order to attain ‘closure’.

Category: Dominic Sinacola


- June 14, 2015


  1. This is great – I got a chance to read the whole thing on Dominic’s blog – would recommend it –

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