Dominic Sinacola

For me, it’s all about the voice. I don’t do story arcs, characters, structure… It’s just not really me. I just churn out whatever is in my head at that moment, whatever dark, or funny or silly thing may be lurking there. However embarrassing or heart breaking, or legally incriminating that thought may be, it hits the page like a sack of dead kittens. It may offend, or it may be relatable. Some of it will be nonsense. Some of it won’t make sense until you read a post in a year’s time that I haven’t even conceived yet. It’s just little slices of my life and the people I know.

Have a look at my cialis prix grenoble There’s more of my stuff there. It updates regularly with a mix of heart-rending memories and nonsensical ramblings.

Some of my work:

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