Poetika XXI – The Unheard Obvious Echo

Hello everyone,

Tuesday evening saw another great show unfold, with a dozen performers to entertain us. Listing the topics covered on our theme of ‘the unseen obvious’ is to create a poem in itself: being in love, being Waitrose Man or the daughter of Eleanor Rigby, singing a Radar Song, remembering the WWI centenary or a single recollection at 3am, getting to the end of Endless Street, being haunted by dead peanut butter, spotting Red Handed Lies, cold calling, counting dragon flies, black dressed teenagers. And that was just the first half! So thanks for all those contributions and thanks to the appreciative audience: do all come again!

Our next Poetika will be at The Pheasant, 7.30 for 7.45, Tuesday 5 May, when the guest poet will be Cat ‘The Hat’ Randle, fresh from New Zealand via Andover.
£2ish, £3ish per person at the door please, towards expenses.

Meanwhile, here’s a souvenir remembered in the Refectory at the Cathedral:

The measure of all things

Nine furlongs from this ridge of deep breath hills,
beyond meadow Saxons called ‘a lea’, another

skyline serrates another sky, distant pines, hid
among their own deep fathomed darknesses,

no triumphant celandine, as here, that lay siege
around these stumps, trunks and their shadows

dragged off to useful permanence elsewhere,
as doors or windows in a place a world away,

no branches, oak leaves to harlequin fresh light,
measure Spring, across half a league of aconite.

Anyway, all the best and see you next time,

kind regards,

scarcrow dave
Never Knowingly

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  1. Another great poem Dave – looking forward to hearing more of Cat 🙂

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