Summer Echo with Jackie Juno

Suitably midsummer weather welcomed our merry band of creatives and performers on Wednesday 19th June for our monthly Poetika – the open mic for poetry, prose and acoustic music in Salisbury

Hosted by Ian, we got off to a happy start with Anna reading a poem of Peter’s, who laughed through the bubble, and Sarah recalled welcoming the Winter Solstice, advising us to be grateful for every passing day. In a more sombre mood Estelle remembered the ‘bite marks on his chest’, then Ian returned us to Litha – “the hordes will gather – travellers, druids and trouble makers…”

Cliff entertained us with the first of his presentations on his paintings. In this half he showed us one from Jordan and one from Taizé in France – beautiful pictures complemented by anecdotes from when they were painted. Mike followed with a Sestina – ‘sunsets and sunrise were the cause of all that happens’ and Ria was a summer child that dances and sings, discovering sharp stinging mouthfuls of temptation.

We were delighted to see Abby again from Bournemouth, where she runs the Platform poetry event (first Tuesday of every month) – she told us of the battle between Himalayan balsam and Bluebells, this was followed by Eli singing a topical song – ‘circles standing in holy ground, beauty holds us and wraps us round’ . The last ten minutes of the first half were given over to our guest, Jackie Juno, who assured us it was virgins that don’t eat dairy, and that a tree never lies.

Cliff started the second half with two more pictures and associated stories, this time from Venice and Carcassonne, then went on to play us the Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong recording of Summertime from Porgy and Bess.

Anna returned to read her own poem about the twisted dream that was her recent tribunal, Estelle told us of another battle, this time between swooping crows and diving buzzards, and Ria let the summer heat ignite under her skin.

Papa Webb told us he may not be smart, but his phone is, Ian was living on the edge, Sarah asked where her goddess had gone and Mike suggested darkness is only emphasised by light. Eli gave us a second song – Summer Lightning – (not about the beer, apparently), Abby was stuck here, wasting her life away and Kat told of uninviting sheets of concrete.

Jackie Jun rounded of the evening with another entertaining and amusing set, demonstrating she can fit in anywhere – ‘it’s most awfully terribly nice, to be here at Winston Hice’

All in all a great evening and thank you to all those who attended, and those who performed, and commiserations to those unable to get here this time. Our next meeting is the third Wednesday, as usual, Wednesday July 17th – theme to be announced.

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- June 22, 2019